Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: An elderly professor, Serebryakov Harry Groener and his significantly younger new wife, Yelena Rebecca Mozo return to their country estate for the summer, causing a bit of upheaval in the lives of their family members and friends who live there. Antaeus Theatre Company is unusual in that the shows are double cast with each cast appearing on alternating dates. This is due to the playing of a few performers whose approaches to character differ in nuance and timing. Shannon Lee Clair aches poignantly in her hopeless desire for Astrov. Raidford with lighting by Leigh Allen. Anton Chekhov called his plays comedies and so they are.

She is aided by playwright Annie Baker’s contemporary translation, crafted from a literal Russian translation, which lends warmth and relevance to the language. October 8 — December 6, Email required Address never made public. To receive email notifications about this production’s new credits or reviews log in, then click this button. The Antaeus production has a fine cast with a depth of experience. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Email required Address never made public. Groener, Professor Serebryakov is a petulant, self-absorbed, charismatic tyrant.

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North Hollywood, CA Handsome, charismatic Jeffrey Nordling makes Astrov a virile outdoorsman, passionate in defense of the forest, who falls like ripe fruit for the idle beauty of Yelena. But Robin Larsen’s lively staging reveals the humor and urgency of this year-old play. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I knew the scene was familiar, but I had forgotten that I had played the scene in an acting class at A.

Annie Baker’s Chekhov Translation ‘Uncle Vanya’ Debuts at Antaeus Theatre Company

The scenic and lighting design, by Michael B. On the page it might not be obvious, but on stage in the hands the very best players, the boredom, ennui and angst of the characters becomes absurd and deliciously, giddily funny. Neither he nor Vanya, in their shallowness, seem to care a bit about her antaeua and intellect.


Also, I feel the need to point out that, spoiler alert, a gun goes off in the second act as performed; cat third as written that I did not feel was appropriately foreshadowed in the first. I think people have certain expectations when it comes to Chekhov. Robin Larsen directs her talented cast in a steady, flowing pace with just enough quiet moments to contrast the volatile, high emotional ones. At the opening night of the Vixens cast, my wife and I were sitting next to a young Russian couple that was clearly not pleased.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Makes for pretty fresh theatre, I am thinking. There are light moments of humor vnya evoke chuckles from the audience, but the show is far more melodrama than comedy.

The cast, led by a commanding, layered performance by Mr. The pleasing duo appears a few times more during the evening.

Theater Review: Antaeus Theater’s Uncle Vanya – ON STAGE & SCREEN

Reading through the program, every antaeux has major credits, most of them from theatres all antaeuz the country. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Makes sense in a way. Fill in your details below or click ganya icon to log in: All of that being said, I must admit the same elements of human behavior that frustrated me are also what makes this work feel so timeless and honest.


And this is just the case in Antaeus Theatre Company’s achingly brilliant production of “Uncle Vanya. As family retainers Telegin and Yefim, Clay Wilcox and Paul Baird have limited stage time, but make a big impact as musicians playing and singing swell original songs composed by Marvin Etzioni. Click [here] to add or update cast, crew, dates, venues, images, and anything else you know about.

We are just as guilty of this in as we were in Notify me of new comments via email. Anton Chekhov called his plays comedies and so they are. I am wondering if the contrasting styles of the two casts are a strategy of the director.

“Uncle Vanya” at Antaeus Theatre Company – The Madmen Cast – Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes

Likewise if you are on a production page, and think the play title is not family safe, click on the play title, and make your report about the play, casf not just a specific production. In a masterful production that flawlessly unites Baker’s vital rendition of the work with an impeccable and passionate cast, Antaeus’ Uncle Vanya imparts audiences with an opportunity to examine their lives Have more info on this production?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The production boasts a handsome set designed by Micahael B.

I was excited to see Ms. Notify me of new posts via email.