Khubsurat and Nabeel also get married. The drama reaches climax Yousuf, meanwhile, crosses all the limits to prove his love to Zulaikha. Adeel starts off as a cold hearted husband. Everyone in our homes, from kids to our moms, enjoys watching their favorite TV play before they go to bed. Khalil is now married to another woman. Faisal breaks his engagement with Aiman and marries her.

Khalil and Shaano meet at a wedding in their village. Here, you can listen Khirad gets enrolled in a university. As Sadqay Tumhary proceeds an interesting story reveals. The case is under sub-judice. Zaroon states many time that he will marry a girl with qualities like those in Kashaf.

Throughout Bulbulay, the family is show being coned, robbed, or conflicting with each other.

At a family function, Aunn meets Zara. After that Aunn apologizes from Zara. She leaves Adeel and starts to live with her mother. Saba gave birth to a girl and lived alone.

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He has a hope in his heart to meet Maham. Durdana wants Umer to Marry Shifa.


Still, Sara has some feelings for Ashar. The drama closes with both of them together. One day, Imtiaz tries to rape Meera. She has always wanted to make her niece, Sara, her daughter in law. Khubsurat and Nabeel also get married. Faisal breaks his engagement with Aiman and marries her.

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Indian soap opera Drama. Later, he separated from his wife. Saman also files for divorce from Faisal. A friend of Nabeel named Ahmed is moving abroad. She assures Sila that she will take care of Affan caast sila is at work. What do you think apous our review? Aiman is a humble character. Meeran is in love with a guy named Ilyas. Adeel asks for the custody of Affan but Sila refuses.

Aiman hysterically leaves house. Saman refuses saying that she wants to marry a rich man. She names him Affan again. In return, Khizar convinces Ashar that he is having an affair with Khirad.

Music On Vidpk 7. These three join hands and save Zulaikha from Imran. Her parents do not accept Hammad. Sarah falls in love with Hammad.


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She also gets the home signed on her name. If you have suggestions, feel free to add them at the end in comments.

Bakhtyar also harasses Maham constantly. He sends them money each month. He forces Shifa and her mother out of their house. The friendship of both families ends. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hammad finds her and brings her back.

One of them later tries to rape Bano but Bano runs away.