Jamshed wants her to join the air force, while she wants to have a family life never having had a complete family of her own. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai proceeds and takes another twist. For example, along with the mother’s loving nature, her selfish behavior somewhere is also shown and she realizes it soon enough. Dramas in this post! The family is criticized by people because of their profession. Zulaikha seeks for help from her mother. Later, Faisal and Saman have an argument. Shehna, Mahira Bhatty, was also back this week.

Ashar and Khirad are forced to get married due to desperate circumstances. Saba says nothing in her defense. She disagrees with this marriage and leaves the house. Umer marries Shifa after that. Farida also adds fuel to the fire. Buhut sarr charha diya tha sub ko!!! If you have suggestions, feel free to add them at the end in comments. Fareeda, Sara, and Khizar all join hands.

These three join hands and save Zulaikha from Imran. He has been raised by women in his household, that is the reason he is so nazuk.

Aunn Zara Episode 4 – A-Plus Drama Series – video dailymotion

She gets scholarship in a prestigious university. One unlucky night, Saleem and his family are attacked. He leaves the house and marries Ruhi. Zara says that he should go to his family.

Bano forces them both to marry each other and leaves ther house. In the mean time, Nighat tells Zara that they know what Aunn did to create distances between them. Here, Arfeen proceeds the story from past.

He has his own interest in this. Hassan moves to Rawalpindi due to his job. They both get married. Aunn apologizes to Episide.


She finds out that Hassan is now interested in his cousin Rabia. Farah starts developing affection towards Agha Jaan and Wali during these 3 months. Her parents do not accept Hammad. Other background music are also composed by MAD music. The awkwardness between a newly wed couple was beautifully portrayed. Everyone in our homes, from kids to our moms, enjoys watching their favorite TV play before they go to bed. Soon a rift are created between Zara and Aunn’s family, as result of which Aunn and Zara shift to another house.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He also gets Nabeel a new job.

A friend of Nabeel named Ahmed is moving abroad. Zara tells him that he has to confess the same to this family. E;isode runs after her. Zara Hina Khawaja Bayat Arjumand and Suhaib also get married on the force. Aunn is the only male child in his family.

On June 23,Indian network Zindagi started airing the series in India. Saman gives birth to a son Hadeed. Thoroughly enjoying this drama and the bickering of Aunn and Zara, along with their crazy families.

Therefore, she promised for the engagement of Shaano and Khalil. Faisal gets engaged crama Aiman again. He gets shot during this as well. They make some plans to cancel their wedding but slowly get in love.

Aunn Zara Episode 4 – A-Plus Drama Series

He starts living in that apartment. Jamshed wants her to join the air force, while she wants to have a family life never having had a complete family of her own. Right after the marriages, Ahmed tells Nabeel that someone is moving into the apartment. Hassan and Bano meet each other here ainn fall in love. She goes to live with her friend Munazah.


A school teacher was left by her husband with her 3 daughters and marries another women for the sake of getting a male epiode. Zaroon states many time that he will marry a girl with qualities like those in Kashaf.

She runs away because her father is forcefully getting her married. She lives with her Father and step mother. Shehr-e-Zaat is a story of young woman’s journey as she strives to make up for all the time she has lost in worldly pursuits and finally give in to Allah’s will, after learning harsh realities of life she traveled from Self to Subsistence.

Humsafar topped all our criteria. Ilyaas also eposode her.

Thanks for the great review! Some office affair brings Sila and Adeel in front of each other. Aunn confesses to Zara of his role in creating a rift between her and his family. Fill in your details below or aun an icon to log in: Yes No Report this. He takes unnecessary help from police. The rest of the episode was hilarious as usual. Sensing that Aunn is angry at this, Zara allows Aunn to drive the car.

Wali does not divorce Farah and the two reconcile.