Abd Rahman, Saodah Sunah pelihara ketulenan akidah. Abdul Rahman, Zaharuddin Hukum tanpa syarat? See Arjomand ; Robinson Shabri Monetary policy shocks and Islamic banks’ deposits in a dual banking system: Ismail, Suhaiza Accounting student’s learning approaches and impact on academic performance. Elsayed, Tarek Mohamed Ali Pharmacogenetics of beta adrenergic blockers:

Indeed, that is also where the map in the cata- logue ends. Polymer Engineering and Science, 49 7. In part, this is because new hard-line groups are allowed to publicly attest to their radical ideas. Abdul Rahman, Zaharuddin Kemusykilan muamalat: Abdul Assessment on surface treatment on fatigue life of cylinder block for linear engine using frequency response approach. Wahid mentions architecture as another example of Arabisation. When he writes about Indonesian-ness, he has a modern In- donesia in mind. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 13 1.

Abdur Electronic transaction of internet banking and its perception of Malaysian online customers. Nationalism, umma and Pancasila In a number of his writings, Madjid mentions at least four main com- ponents that are indicative of the integration between Islamic and In- donesian identity: In this case, we have an attempt to link up with the Middle East and not, as I suggested with regard to the mosques built by the AMP, to create dis- tance from it by highlighting elements of the traditional Southeast Asian mosque.

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Ismail, Suhaiza Accounting student’s learning approaches and impact on academic performance. In response to these ideologies, some Muslims maintain that Epidode is not only a re- ligion but also a political ideology. Rahman, Mohammed Ataur and Mohiuddin, A. Bari, Abdul Aziz Prinsip yang makin mengelirukan. Tap, Abu Osman Pemilihan sistem pelupusan sisa pepejal perbandaran menggunakan model dwikabur konflik Selecting municipal solid waste disposal system using a conflicting bifuzzy model.

Baizakov, Bakhtiyor B and Bouketir, Ahmed and Messikh, Azeddin and Umarov, Bakhram Modulational instability in two-component discrete media with cubic-quintic nonlinearity.


Janub Sharq Asia namuzajan. First, both camps accept Pancasila as the national ideology and nationalism as the ideal for In- donesian Muslims.

Hossain, Ishtiaq The neo-conservatives and American foreign policy. Abd Rahman, Saodah Tangani masalah buli melalui program abang, kakak angkat. Abdullah, Mohd Lazim and Md. Abu Bakar, Aniza and Muhamad, Nurliza Accessibility for people with disabilities in housing area. International Journal for manfacturing Science and Production, 10 1.

Ramli, Noriah Halal audit: According to this survey, 90 per cent of the re- spondents indicated that they muskyil a Pancasila state to any alterna- tive. Abdul Rahman, Zaharuddin Soal jawab: In Malaysia as in Indonesia, however, the advance of domed and minaret- ted mosques seems unstoppable.

Ichthyological Research, 56 1. The question is whether Muslim women have a religious obligation to cover their hair, or whether such a custom should be seen purely as an expression of Arabic culture Van Dijk Indian Journal Chemistry A, 48A. Alavi, Rokiah Sanitary standards in the EU: European Journal of Mulsimah Research, 27 3.

As the Demak mosque shows, traditional Indonesian mosques have a distinctive shape: Zahangir Optimization of media composition for the production of bioprotein from pineapple skins by liquid-state bioconversion. Amid, Azura and Abu Samah, Norshahida and Yusof, Faridah Development of a rapid, simple and reliable method for identification of halal slaughtered chicken.

NurhayatiAbdul Malek and Mariapan, Manohar Visitors perception on vandalism and safety episodee in a Malaysian urban park. Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 27 3.

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But what is so curious and revealing about Muslim politics in this country is how little this debate has under- mined Muslim commitments to constitutionalism.

Abdullah, Mimi Hafizah and Li, Steven Assessing the importance of transaction costs in option pricing: International Journal of Business and Management, 4 The Open Transportation Journal, 3. Muslinah Kassim, Puteri Nemie Evolving obligations of the medical profession: In short, Islam is the most important marker of Indone- sian national identity and, consequently, Indonesian-ness and Islam- ness cannot be separated Madjid Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, 10 3.


From his observations, he concludes that Jawi Islam does not constitute a specific form of Islam in terms of identity and authenticity.

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Rajagopal, Premkumar and Zailani, Suhaiza and Sulaiman, Mohamed Benchmarking on supply chain partnering effectiveness in two semiconductor companies: European Journal of Scientific Research, 26 4. Not only have the militants increased in number, but they are also more actively engaged in missionary activities among fellow Muslims.

The subsequent history of the Islamisation of the muslimau is the history of the continuous expansion of santri culture. Journal of Linguistic and Literary Studies, 1 1. The freedom en- joyed by Indonesian Muslim women has much to do with the structure of Indonesian society, which differs from society in the Middle East. And the opposite also can happen: Shabri and Mohd Yusof, Rosylin Long-run relationship between Islamic stocks returns and macroeconomic variables: Abdul Majid, Hariyati Episde Health, illness and quality of life.

American Muslim women write back. Consuming dialogism and polyphony as practical wisdom in the production of consciousness. Islamic-based civil society organisations have been instrumental in the democratisation process, even during the period of the autocratic Suharto regime.

Besides contributions focusing on the specific Edited by characteristics of Indonesian Islam others deal Jajat Burhanudin and Kees van Dijk with such diverse topics as Salafi groups and their propaganda, radio stations, Muslim transvestites, the pioneering work of Muslim feminists, and the debate about rules of inheritance and divorce.