When he battles, he focuses on defensive moves such as Protect or Defense Curl instead of offensive, damage -dealing moves. Afterwards, Poochyena was able to evolve into Mightyena. Max takes cover behind a tree, promising to keep Ralts safe. Max, getting an idea, wraps the Berries in a rag, and uses it as a cold compress for Ralts. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: With a happy squeal she jumped on his shoulder. When he saw Ash, he claimed that he was the Gym Leader and questioned Ash about the Silver Conference , saying that he had watched the tournament live when Ash was a participant and was not impressed with his performance.

Edit Storyline As Ash and his friends are taking a break, Max hears a cry for help and finds a sick Ralts. Taming of the Shroomish. Max laid in bed thinking “What was that voice””If it wasn’t Natasha then who could it have been””Who else would have known my name”. James whispers advice from the bushes, and Ash and May are suspicious. Ralts looks at Max uncertainly, then sadly runs toward him. Advanced Generation series AG As the two began to bicker over how Ash could have won his battle against Harrison , May arrived with her parents and revealed that Norman was the actual Gym Leader instead of Max, leaving Ash irritated. However, Corphish was there to cheer up Max in the end.

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Afterwards, Poochyena ppokemon able to evolve into Mightyena. When it is brought back anr the others, they assume that it must have fallen into the lake and it was now sick.

At first, Ralts won’t eat the soup, but then Pikachu tells Ralts to go ahead, so Ralts manages to eat it and enjoys it. Both of them were fighting when the brown-haired one criticized the green-haired Max about how only skilled Trainers can handle Skitty as he thought that the Skitty was his.


Even if he’s too young to go on his own Pokemon Journey, he could still have a Pokemon as a friend Despite their arguments, the two siblings care for each other very much. Max, still behind the tree, notices that Ralts is getting sick again, and alerts the others, but the battle is still going on! To everyone’s surprise, they’re sent packing by a real Gardevoir and Kirlia.

Find all posts by GreatLiver. TR takes advantage of the distraction: During this time, Jirachi grew attached to Max, and formed a special bond with him. Shuppet’s only known move is Psychic. As both sidelines cringe from the resulting impact, James orders another Pin Missile. Ralts fires off a powerful psychic blast, sending Jessie and Meowth spin-blasting off again. It then goes over to Ralts and chuckles, as if it was asking if Ralts found it funny too. Kanto Battle Frontier Saga! Ralts stepped back, only to have Vigoroth come closer, looming over it.

Max offers Ralts a lift, then declares that he is going to take full responsibility for Ralts on the trip. Share this Rating Title: After the ordeal, Jirachi went back to sleep, and Ash and the others continued their journey.

Do I Hear a Ralts?

James orders a Pin Missile, and Cacnea fires off a strong one, sending Ash and friends scurrying. Male characters Articles needing more information Characters with an unknown English voice actor Characters with an unknown Japanese voice actor Stubs Anime characters Ash’s friends Ash and Pikachu characters Anime running gags. He held his hand to his head and thought. Annd Befriends a Ralts and promises to come get it when he becomes a trainer. Its a tense wait until Max found it under a bench and returned it to Roxannewho said it was Kenny ‘s, but he was afraid of touching it.

May thinks it must be feeling better, but Brock, however, thinks otherwise.

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You can help by adding this information. The others joke about this, but suddenly, Max and only Max hears a voice calling for help. He opened his eyes to see a glowing green energy orb surrounding him.


James initially shows skepticism epidode this idea, but Meowth begins to have another one of his boss fantasies. Vigoroth, Koffing, Magcargo, Gloom, and Ampharos.

James whispers advice episodd the bushes, and Ash and May are suspicious. As Ash and his friends are taking a break, Max hears a cry for help and finds a sick Ralts. Ignore Posts by Aether.

This summons Team Rocket’s fakes again, but Ralts is healthy enough to take care of them itself. Brock then reminds the group that although Ralts may be cheered up, they should still get it to the Pokemon Center, and the nearest one is still quite a distance away. There’s no Place Like Hoenn. Ignore Posts by pokemaster Do I Hear a Ralts? He opened it and took a look at his newly won Mind Badge.

When Team Rocket arrived with their goal in catching Surskit for their bossthe green-haired Max and the brown-haired one went off and found Surskit as it rpisode away. James is hidden off to the side, convinced that their ploy will work this time as long as they stay up on their toes.

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It was followed by Kirlia. Max thanks Snorunt, and decides to try feeding Ralts again. As they blast off, they wonder what the heck just happened. Find all posts by pokemaster