Does this only air in Canada? Feb 27, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Joining the cast for Season Two, Amanda is best described as a bad girl gone good. The women on this site like the atlanta version. Captain save a hoe if you will. Mia – please go away! A holy rollin southern belle in Canada?

She is just a Jodi puppet; everything out of her mouth is “Jodi says. Ronnie returns in Season Two to unresolved conflict between the Wives. At the same time I never thought I would’ve sided with Ronnie but she was spot on with Amanda and had her shook without even getting loud:. With an exotic accent, a fiery Russian temper and a unique sense of humour that doesn’t always translate, Ioulia frequently elicits a raised eyebrow or headshake from the other wives, who can’t quite figure out if their new comrade is a friend or a foe! I have to admit the new women bring more life to the show, can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Discussion in ‘ Real Housewives Forum ‘ started by shampoona , Feb 6, Happily married to her husband of 11 years, Ronnie has four children as well as a step-daughter, ranging from 6 to 24 years of age.

A self-confessed sex addict with a short temper, she enjoys a passionate and fiery relationship with her gorgeous long-distance boyfriend, Kyle, who lives south of the border in Seasoh, WA. Feb 6, She believes that honesty is always the best policy. Jody will probably dominate again and I’ll continue to bash her so: Neverrrrr heard of this show at all.

Feb 6, 5. Feb 7, I see that witch Jody is back. Captain save a hoe if you will.

Ioulia also prides herself on being the cool stepmother of his four children. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Who the F did Amanda think she was trying to go in on Ronnie like that? Little Girl was so out of her element. Feb 6, 6. Feb 6, 3. I don’t like Amanda. It still deeply affects Ronnie to this day.


Enjoy it while it’s up. Feb 6, 9.

‘RHOV’ Season 2 Extended Promo: Crazy Fights, Naked Men & The Gays

Shes really sweet but everyone knows she was once a prostitute and she met an ugly dude who promised to change her life. I think I like Ioulia although she is too flirty with her stepsons. Is this a joke or real??

Does this only air in Canada? I thought she was SO cultured dahling. You must log in or sign up to reply here. They share a passion for art, fashion and luxury cars. Jodie is the HW I most love to hate.

That woman is something else. A recovering alcoholic, Amanda has given up her partying ways and found strength in a life of sobriety and healthy living. Reiko left as soon as people started digging up her and her hubbys past.

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I’m so glad there is a thread on hrov show – I was just coming to make one. This site uses cookies. Who had the Lambos and named her daughter Alize lmao. I’m about to watch the first episode now. Lol If you are going to stir up trouble at least be able to handle the backlash Amanda!

They make the Orange County and New Jersey housewives look like saints! Despite some new resolutions, old habits die-hard Be sure to set your alerts and reminders because you don’t want to miss this! I liked that wounded gazelle chick Christina and the Rieko chick. Amanda does come across as a bitch and a hater.


But adversity is no sweat for this southern belle. I cant see them watching white canadian women. I don’t think I like Amanda.

Most Liked Most Commented. Still not feeling Amanda: But Jody lmaooo being the evil witch she is was keen on spilling so Reiko ran for her life.

Mar 9, Robin moved to Vancouver from the Lone Star State 19 years ago and brought with her a deep southern twang and a passion for riding horses.

I think I’ll like Ioulia and Robin. I dont watch any RHWO shows. Ioulia Joining the cast for Season Two, Ioulia pronounced Yoo-lee-ah is a Russian-born beauty who immigrated to Canada over 11 years ago with her family. I like that some women have no problem expressing that. Joining the cast for Season Two, Robin feels that Vancouver women need to loosen up and start breaking the rules. Ioulia is like the honeybadger and was like ‘fuck that shit’ and decided against the spray tan after Amanda came for her in her own house and when Seasson tried to call her out about her marriage at rhiv dinner.

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I tried to cut it for the interested folks but aint nobody got time fo dat! Awww my favorite people didn’t come back! Happily married to her husband of 11 years, Ronnie has four children as well as a step-daughter, ranging from 6 to 24 years of age.