Sid hit a clothesline that sent Michaels over the top to the floor. Undertaker kicked Mankind so that his head struck the steel outside the ring. The Undertaker was the face while Mankind was the heel. A camera guy was too close, so Sid shoved him. Women of Wrestling Celebrities. Huge ovation for him. Mero with a headscissors on Helmsley followed a back body drop. It was the best Survivor Series ever up to this point.

This is where HBK always shines when he’s up against a bigger guy, in his bumping and selling the ferocity of Sid’s offense. There was also the title of December’s pay per view “In Your House: Undertaker took control back as he bit the hand of Mankind. He sends Shawn into the ropes and delivers a big power slam for a 2 count. Sid plants Shawn with a big back-breaker and gets another near-fall with a 2 count. I was so ready for this match.

The Michaels story of is actually a strange one. Austin countered a bulldog by shoving him into the turnbuckle and Hart took the bump sternum first. It could have been Vader in this spot, but Michaels complained about working with him, so Sid was put in this position. Austin was the heel and Sv was the face.

Sid for a long time was getting sgawn despite being a heel. They were in MSG. I missed Hart a lot too. The entire Survivor Series ’96 event is filled with fun from top to bottom. I went into the match thinking that there might be a title change just based on Sid having a lot of momentum and WWE possibly wanting to end the long title reign of Michaels.

Survivor.Series.1996 – Shawn Michaels Vs Sycho Sid – (1 2)

Sedies and Diesel had a feud that was just dreadfuland he spent the rest of the time being just a really flat heel as a part of the Million Dollar Corporation that just seemed to be stable of losers. Shoulder tackle by Phineas on Cassidy and then Cassidy came back with a body slam. Bearer was saying it was all over for Undertaker.

Yes, my password is: Vader sent Vega out of the ring and Faarooq sent Vega back first into the ring post. Hart took most of off after working so hard for over a decade without much of a break while questioning if he wanted to stay michawls WWE. On the week before the show they managed to film an angle at a live event that saw Michaels and Johnson get lead into a three on two trap only for Sid to steam in from right of screen in a car, wipe out a load of pallets and just get there as the heels had left.


He starts clubbing Shawn’s back with big suevivor fists and another big running boot to the face. With Bret away, Diesel and Razor gone, fans just yearned for someone to cheer for — while Shawn was on top he wasn’t exactly the first six pick for many adult males who watched the product.

Well, this was another great match from and yet another one involving HBK No doubt he worked his ass off in a lot of matches that year and in this one too.

There were videos shown to set up Bret Hart vs. He pins Shawn but only gets a 2 count. Mankind surviivor for a running attack off the apron, Undertaker moved and Mankind crashed back first on the floor. Mankind nailed a piledriver.

He pulled Hart away from the ropes and Hart got his shoulder up.

The Inexplicable Rise Of Sid In WWE

It weakened Undertaker so 1996 so that he was out on the mat. This, of course, sounds like bullshit — but it wouldn’t be the first time they were doing something that made no sense. Jannetty was limping around the ring with some leg injury. He yelled at somebody to come down to the ring to check on him. Mero got out of it, did a sunset flip and Goldust tagged in for the heels.

Yet, wherever Sid went he was pushed: It was even early on as Sid went for a press slam, but Michaels fought out of it. Austin slammed Hart onto the announce table. While there are no wider doubts over Shawn’s knee problems — he’d been wrestling with knee braces on for a couple of years prior — the severity of the problem and perhaps more pertinently the immeadiacy of them cast doubts. Survivor Series Team Hogan vs. Shawn could have then beat him for it in his home town at the RR, as Cornette has since suggested.

Still, we were in Canada, and they wanted somebody to cheer… And then Sid came out. Crowd pop big for this tease btw. Shawn Michaels finally had a clear run on top, but no-one to face.


The fact that Sid faced Bret in a title match a week prior to the show tells you a lot of what you need to know — the sgcho the buyrate for the show was the lowest for Wrestlemania by some distance suvivor much more. Ultimately, though, Sid was Sid — an incredibly limited character pushed because of his look and size — he was never going to be a wrestler a company could build themselves around although, more the shame we never got to see WCW try three years earlier – but he was still and important act at a very transitional time for the WWF.

Both guys struggled to their feet and Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner. JR noted Undertaker is doing more traditional wrestling moves. In front of a hot crowd everyone had an incentive to make this match work — and it did. Michaels stunned him on the top aeries by ramming his throat into it.

Henry shoved him into the turnbuckle. Hart celebrated the win.

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Undertaker was able to break it by sending Mankind to the michaaels as Mankind took a nasty fall hard onto the floor.

Hart wins because Austin held onto the Million Dollar Dream and that led to his shoulders being pinned to the mat. Wow what a pop for that. The crowd was happy about the syho from Hart. Shawn is quickly back up too btw to go and check on him.

Austin hit a suplex that brought Hart back into the ring. That was nearly a nasty landing for Owens, but he got his hands in there to prevent his head from hitting the mat at a bad angle. Sid made his entrance. Goldust went for a slam. I was so ready for this match.