I would hate for there to be a rushed ending. I miss Gaksital, but what i predicted happened. Joo-wal is starting to crack. I like that rule. I’m really curious to know what he learned from that teacher they mentioned earlier in the drama. Does the death talk poke at your conscience, or are we past that point?

Why did he say that? Yun Woo Jin as Joo Wal. Kwon Oh Joong as Dol Swe. Jagi September 13, at 3: But Mu-young is there, and not doing anything. Being with you makes the same landscape look different. There was the ladder inside the cave in ep 7 and then a scene in ep 9 when Joo Wal came back home and in his room thought about what Arang said earlier about all humans being the same. And asks for a peach.

And I loved how Arang hid her head under her blanket to, I presume, kinda squee after she realized that she likes him as a man!

Also, this comes from another forum I was reading, someone recognised the circular design on Eun Oh’s fan as being the same as the one Bang Wool used when Arang tried to ‘capture’ Moo Young. I know it’s probably something simple but, I’ve never been kimcjidrama to figure out what it means. Dol-swe joins him to jab him some more, wondering when Arang became so chummy with Joo-wal and how come they left together all happiness and sunshine.

The show also gets better and better with every episode, keeps you at the end of your seat and the cliffhangers made me scream at my screen! I do enjoy the recaps and this is nitpicking.

Mu-young starting to go out on his own to find answers shows how troubled he is that his suspicions could be correct. I thought im d only who notice Lord Choi’s throwing habit. My heart was hurting when Eunoh ignored the kid. I do concede that they are conflating Buddhism, Magistratr and a bit of Chinese mythology, Confucianism to come up with the background for this drama, but if the actual name is maggistrate, why not mention it?


And technically it’s not Hades either And Eun-oh steps up to grab him, while Joo-wal swoops in to pull Arang out of the way.

Arang and the magistrate episode 9 kimchidrama

These two fools– too cute! She takes a step forward.

By the way, I come here to look at the cute pics and to read the first paragraph of the recap – gist of Girlfriday comments. I loved what she said about kimcbidrama flowers–that it’s her first time seeing them with him, so it’s special. She is just poteintial to fill the conflicts with Arang and the mystery to just stand there and just think how to earn kimchixrama penny.

ShinRaeMi07 September 13, at 8: There was the ladder inside the cave in ep 7 and then a scene in ep 9 when Joo Wal came back home and in his room thought about what Arang said earlier about all humans being the same. But when the camera zooms in, the lipstick’s just so obvious, my two eyebrows become one.

I loved that Eunho shared the story about his mom with Arang. I actually rewatch it several times because of the song lol.

Korean Show: Arang And The Magistrate (Episode 11)

Thanks for the recap; it made my day as usual; i love the chemistry of LJk and SMN, i smile like crazy whenever they’re on screen together heeh. I wait for dramafever, is not segmented.


PersonaInnominatum September 13, at I sow him in Iljimae, I loved him there. Love the idea of sending them on hell of disclosure. He walks out, but then Arang storms in and gets right up in his face. The only one for what? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.

Though it seems like the writers have planned this pretty well, this is one show that would probably not suffer with an extension annd there is so much richness to to this world that could be filled in! I used magistrxte haunt vikki for all my exciting new dramas Please don’t be mean to me.

But he snaps that she ruined everything. Episode 6 by Helcat. Is Bang Wool the shaman? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

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I love the fight scenes, Jun-ki is so natural. She whirls around at the mgistrate second to say something, and they end up face to face, with his arms around her. Betty September 13, at 7: That’s Arang’s good-formoons date of expiration, so Boo-Wal wasn’t wrong. Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond?