This is an old thread, but if anyone is still looking to motard their drz on the cheap, then we’ve got useful info on adapting Honda sports wheels for the DRZ Left of the dial. I am currently in the process of Motarding my DRZ. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you run a motard set up? McLeod , Aug 20, You lace your own. Research Rat , Aug 20, Are there any hoops that lace to stock hubs?

How easy is it to adapt these Honda cast wheels? Low Cost Supermoto Rims? The specs between the cast motard wheels and the DRZSM are extremely similar so the bikes handle in an almost identical fashion, the biggest difference is the cush drive hub provides a smoother ride, and in everyday riding you have a broader rev range to work with so less gear changes. The guy who does the kits, Ken, is really helpful and answers any questions you may have, there is also an excellent guide on exactly how to install the rims. What size are the axles on the DRZ ,it may be a simple case of making spacers. We repacked ours with medium density foam which made a big difference.

We repacked ours with medium density foam which made a big difference. Jul 14, Oddometer: I am totally happy with the wheels and have told many of my mates who have all had a go on my bike and love the change. Its seems that people can do this mod easily with dollars.


Thanks mate, looking forward to the pictures: They handle very sweetly, weigh a tad more than spoked wheels but I reckon it srz400 to have a cush drive for a smoother ride and save wear and tear. Another link you might find helpful.?

DRZ400 Wheels

Thanks also for the disk and calliper adapters. How easy is it to adapt these Honda cast wheels? Get a used rear KLR rim or entire wheel. Mar 30, Oddometer: I just wanted a cush drive which I eventually had to weld up. Just so much better to rip up the streets on ; – David W. Supermoto style rims are the exception. S They would have been nice on one hand as I can use the stock speedo, but on the other hand there is no cush drive and I can see the advantage that the cast rims have with the cush drive.

I’m not a machinist. I have just ordered a set of wheels,still waiting for delivery.

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If you don’t mind sharing how much did the wheels cost you? We’ve clocked thousands of kilometres on the DRZ now with the cast motard wheels. It takes about 15 minutes to convert the bike back to trail wheels.

Front wheel looks almost brand new with only a few nicks. Nope never heard of him Jan 15, Oddometer: See the contact page for more information.

GSXR Wheels on a DRZ?

I remember someone did the same with some CBR wheels Yes chase that was me now i have change ride since Does this thread bring back memorys http: Everywhere I shouldn’t be For the speedo I already had a Vapor and I didn’t have any dramas when I got my bike registered. Was it you that did something similar with an XR cwst something? Join Date Feb Posts Feb 15, Oddometer: In regards to using a trailtech, I was planning on using my garmin 60csx as a speedo, it has an odometer feature as well as a very accurate and sensitive speed reading, can anyone see a flaw in doing this?


Not sure if motarding the DRZ is for you?

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. If you have any questions I’m sure he can help you out.

Results 1 to 10 of Just didn’t have the extra cash to get mine just yet. The great part about the rear is that the axle fits, and overall not too much work will need to be done. You will be more happy in the end. Has anyone else realized that supermoto style rims are priced ridiculously high?

While I am happy commuting on my E model as it wjeels completely stock at this stage Remember me Forgot your password?

Low Cost Supermoto Rims?