Munir is not about to let that happen. If she says they are low on space. Yet the recaps are hilarious and priceless! Then he starts remembering the early days of their marriage—when she declared him her enemy; when she tried to stab him in his sleep; when she screamed at him not to touch her; etc. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? But she also is afraid to suffer again.

Eva tells Marlene she would never ponerle los cuernos cuckold Armando. Tell her “Meryem Abla” can go live down stairs. You didn’t kill only Vural. What a terrific recap! After she leaves the room, a nurse tells her that Eva Soler is picking up the hospital bills. Fatma Gul for the first time is worried about Kareem.

Permalink posted by LXV 3: I hope not pregnant by that scum. Semsi, fresh from the trial in Izmir, comes to pick her up. That’s all the more interesting! What are you talking about?

I’m sure she ate well. Michelle Vargas Sofia does emotion with the naivety of a young lady, very well. Fatma waits anxiously for Kerim outside the prison gate.

Synopsis Fatmagül’ün Sucu Ne (What Is Fatmagul’s Fault)

That is precisely the sort of thing a kid with Aspergers would blurt out. Kadir spots Fahrettin sitting in his car outside and goes to speak with him.


And I fwtmagul that the hospital was labeled Los Angeles, so I guess that is really where this tn is taking place–somehow it doesn’t have the same feeling of place that Bajo did, or even those telenovelas set in a fictional Houston where everyone speaks Spanish and large wealthy cattle ranches are only 5 minutes from downtown.

I can’t stand it.

Episode #1.16

They hustled him out of there in a hurry. Kerim takes the letter and runs outside to read it.

Friday, February 5, at I’m not a murderer. Resat comes home, and gets shot in the leg as soon as he enters his front gate.

Week of February 1, They have a long scene that boils down to him telling her he loves her. I was mulling over Soraya being able to tell Eva that AA was the one who brought Adriana home after the night at the antro.

Eva Deb, what a superb recap! What is with all those mysterious meetings and secret conversations, right? I may have to fast forward through Adriana’s recriminations of her mother tonight.

They find nothing else, but decide to put Kerim in solitary for the rest of the week, until his trial. Fatmagul Vivi wonderful recap. Share this Rating Title: I do the recaps from memory. No one comes home late with an empty stomach. It was like this and let it be this way Kermis and Fatma are there for one another during painful experiences for both of them she with the rape and he with the letterfrom his mom.


I feel so much better now.

Synopsis Fatmagül’ün Sucu Ne (What Is Fatmagul’s Fault) | Full Synopsis

summar Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. Dios mio, se parece como se vomito una escoba encima!!!! In the meanwhile Munir snatches the gun from Mustafa and locks it, they took Mustafa under ground. It was nice to hear Fahr call her by her given name this episode, Meryem.

Fatmagülün Suçu Ne Bölüm with subtitles | Amara

The two were too cute in the car. English language recaps of Telenovelas.

She tells Fahr that Kerim will never forgive her. Fatmagul seeks refuge from Asu, while Kerim searches for her.