Shin Gook Supporting Cast. With tears in her eyes In Hyun watches as her personal maid is dragged off to be tortured. The physician in no uncertain terms explains that no matter what In Hyun cannot have a child- she is barren. He looks up at her. Sign of the Heavens Team. She gingerly and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal court in order to survive and protect her son. Totally hear ya on the Kdrama box sets. The current Queen is outside her quarters with her maids when the royal guard busts in.

Oh Eun Ho Supporting Cast. Lee Hee Do Supporting Cast. Yeo Hyun Soo Supporting Cast. I LOVE that screenshot of the king storming out of the palace room half dressed! The King carries Ok Jung to a physician. Seriously this was screwed up. The Queen looks uncomfortable but before she can leave the King returns.

It would be kind of hard not to be pissed in that situation and fall into the court plotting method of revenge. Jang ok Jung is a classic villain. The physician in no uncertain terms explains that no matter what In Hyun cannot have a child- she drqmacrazy barren. To me it is one thing to have bad people who do bad things to you cause you to seek revenge.

Whatever though… I loved it. Just look at these expressions of greed and delight, so evident through his eyes! Which site is the fastest for Drsmacrazy subs?

To be honest, I like Lee Sang Yeob but I am not entirely convinced or think highly of his acting here in a sageuk — his line jjung and intonations sound much too modern to my ears — but where he hits the bulls eye, as he did in Nice Guyis easily right here in the heart.



The Top 12 Sageuk K-Dramas. Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love is propelling forward alright —. I know that it will end up in eposode but somehow I am rooting for the couple. Choi Il Hwa Supporting Cast.

Because of this blog i try to watch jang ok jung! As of this entry in the series I think we have reached the point where the Western party is on its last leg at least for now jzng would love to see them get out of this one.

Seriously, the sad thing is I am not even kidding. A call for more…next episode why are you so far away?

Kim Yoo Suk Supporting Cast. We can see minute details of character development from Ok Jung all nice to a lil -scheming like which epjsode this story even more intriguing and believing. I hate the fact that she is turning into the Jang Heebin I loathed so much while watching Dong Yi the transistion to evil cold bitch is similar and scary.

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Ok Jung leaves the palace for her Mothers house but quickly turns around without warning. The first thing that pops up: Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast.

And this is a freaking sageuk in conservative joseon era. The Queen looks uncomfortable but before she can leave the King returns.

Quick Note

Ok Jung explains that she decided not to visit her Mother and that upon returning to the palace was summoned by the King who is out for a walk. Yeo Hyun Soo Supporting Cast. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast.


I am jjung much of an Ok Jung fan at this point to be happy about this, so I will make a sad face and move on to the next episode. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I love this guy, but that rage is sometimes being emoted way too hard.

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Because even if the truth is revealed it is too screwed up for anyone to believe- she poisoned herself! These were all great scenes. This is truly the most underrated drama of all time.

Jang Ok Jung is promoted to level one concubine and the Queen Mother takes a turn towards the nice…well at least fake nice. You may watch it on http: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ok Jung wakes up to find the King still at her bedside. This is truly my favorite historical drama so far, and I watched at least 15 to this date.

So, in the US, Dramafever has the subs first in my experience. Yeo Ho Min Supporting Cast. Its going to be super daebakk!