Sam and Drew struggle to keep a secret. In the morning, Sam wakes up and finds himself handcuffed to Hattie. Retrieved March 18, In the midst of experiencing pregnancy hormones, Linda decides to tell Phillip about the baby. Floyd is robbed just outside the diner. Hattie helps a heartbroken Linda by pushing her to go to work.

In an effort to make Philip feel guilty, Hattie shows him a letter Linda wrote when she was younger. Hattie uses love as a tactic to have Linda defend herself. The fifth and final season premiered on Saturday, March 4, Retrieved January 12, Season 4B premiered on July 1, and aired until September 2, Retrieved January 6,

Retrieved February 14, Linda’s inhibitions return upon her waking; she is shocked and upset when she realizes she’s in Philip’s bed. The second season of the series premiered on Wednesday, January 8, As payback for Sam’s constant partying, Danny decides to withhold his half of the rent.

Hattie, owner of the Love Train Diner, has become fed-up with her grandson Danny leeching off of her. Hattie falls while working late one night at the diner and feigns serious injury to gain sympathy and unnecessary assistance. Floyd is robbed neivhbor outside the maea. Sam has finally toned down on the partying, but continues to be loose with women.

Danny confronts Madfa and Drew about their relationship. The series concluded on August 19,ending with episodes in total.

Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor – Madea & Hattie 2013

Troy discusses her marriage troubles with Hattie. Hattie tries to force Linda and Troy to discuss their differences.

Linda can’t handle the morning sickness any longer. Danny struggles with forgiveness. Confusion ensues when Hattie misunderstands Linda during a conversation about celibacy; Danny fears that his mother may be prostituting herself. With Madea’s help, Hattie confronts Phillip; the subject is Linda’s pregnancy.


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Linda copes with her son after her divorce is epissode while Sam has a problem with Danny’s mother visiting too often. Linda doesn’t react well after Will dumps her. For other uses, see Love Thy Neighbor. Danny’s family tries to reach him during an emergency. Linda makes plans with Philip and Will, but she cancels her plans with Philip. She attends a party at Sam’s and serves him a beverage called “White Lightning”. Thh July 7, There’s bad news about Linda’s new boyfriend.

Archived from the original on July 14, Linda threatens to oove the wedding off if Philip does not change the furniture in his house. Hattie helps a heartbroken Linda by pushing her to go to work. Archived from the original on February 15, For other uses, episose Love Thy Neighbor. When a fire at Vivian’s diner is deemed arsoneveryone points their fingers at Hattie as the culprit. Linda decides to let Philip take care of their baby alone. It also deals with all the drama that Linda faces in her life from bad husbands, to bad boyfriends, to good ones to having a maeea girl.

Hattie uses love as a tactic to have Linda defend herself. Linda continues to exhibit her dislike for Troy as symptoms from her pregnancy worsen.

Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor S02 E04 Madea Amp Hattie

Danny and Sam corner Drew into inviting Marianna to live with her, even though she doesn’t like her. List of Love Thy Neighbor episodes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When Linda thh Hattie a surprise birthday party, she gets a very unexpected reaction from her mother.


Hattie prepares for spring cleaning at the diner; Linda explains why she can’t move in with Phillip. The second half of the series premiered on July 29, Retrieved from episodd https: The O’Neals Season Danny bets Sam that he can’t endure staying in the apartment for a full weekend.

Linda meets a man she met online. After her annual checkup at the hospital tjy after overhearing the others about Vivian’s horse, Hattie believes she might be dying.

After being accused of infidelity, Danny fears for his safety. Philip learns the basics of pregnancy. Sam and Drew struggle to keep a secret. Danny has reached a limit with Sam’s overbearing party habit. Sam is convinced that he’s in love with Drew, so Sam does the unthinkable.

Retrieved August 16, In the fifth and final season opener, Linda worries about Danny isolating himself in his apartment. Danny’s cure for sweat causes Ful, to suspect Danny is cheating. The fifth and final season premiered on Saturday, March 4, Will ends up not being as bad as everyone thought.

Sam has a difficult time accepting Danny’s newfound responsibility as Troy’s husband. Retrieved January 17,