You were talking about streaming. Everything was working fine. Did anyone make this work? Post a screenshot that shows the video and audio formats. Kostas Panopoulos February 03, I always tell people to allow business days to get a response. Wither 1 February 03, You need to have either a.

Nero can’t embed subtitles. Overview Customers Company Other Products: So I uninstall and install all over again. Thanks a lot for your fast reply. If you renderer accepts this without crashing it’s ok to leave them both on. This is a known shortcoming. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Depending on the size of your media library this may take some time. Forum Getting Started Purchase. In the copy page you get an overview which types of files you have in your media library including overall file sizes.

This is a known shortcoming. Eugene, thanks for all your help, everything is working now I’ve selected, for option “Subtitles directory”, my folder where all movies are, and after I’ve essrntials that entry, now is a blank fieldand everything works Great Once more, your server is the best of all Within the import process, the content will be made compatible to your options if wanted or needed.


The option then is transcoding. You can select subfitles the whole drive or individual folders inside of OneDrive If you want to access your online-only media files in Nero MediaHome library directly, you need to sign in to your OneDrive account.

Even when I restart the network and the laptop, it still has the old folders and movies.

Kostas Panopoulos February 08, That’s a strange answer from tech support since they said subtitle “files”. I’ve read posts in forum, updated to version 0. Overview Topics Products People Change log.

How does this make you feel? If the device supports separate subs via the. This way you will have all essebtials media assets and Nero MediaHome projects available and can use Nero MediaHome on the new system in the same way as before. The problem is with the new MediaHome I am having exactly the same issue. With this great feature, you can save space on your PC, as you no longer need to store the content locally.


I still have NMH installed. Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved. Please login or register.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

A different case applies when you have a smartphone attached via USB. I’m wondering if there isn’t a misunderstanding. Mefiahome case you want to mefiahome your Nero product on a new PC or if you have installed new sjbtitles drives in your given system, you can move your media library to the new system.

And in Transcoder menu, tab Subtitles, speed indicator, what should I set as a Subtitles directory? When you use Windows 10, OneDrive is auto installed, but you need to create an account and sign in to make use of it.

Now I wanted to have subtitles working again, and guess what – it’s gone As far as artwork is concerned, it will be presented as it exists from the databases point of view. The setting “present small artwork” resizes the artwork image to wubtitles which is the size all devices that support artwork are supposed to accept others accept a wide range of sizes, some accept no artwork.

Wither 1 February 04, I guess you don’t have NMH 4 installed any longer to try streaming that file. Page 1 Page 2 … Page 4 Next page.

LG BD and subtitles – Wild media server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP)

Is version 18 fixing this issue? I can display the subtitles on both server’s and client’s MC, if I play the file locally with a. I’ve added in Edit selection country code for Croatia, maybe I should add sometnig else? When you’re playing back and click on the green “up arrow” is subtitles turned on? Subttiles there a way to fix that?


If you renderer accepts this without crashing it’s ok to leave them both on. Wither 1 February 06, Anyway, glad it’s working.

Do you or does anybody have some walkthrough for LG BD to make subtitles work? So I uninstall and install all over again. You were talking about streaming. Thanks a lot, Dan. Hi Using media center 17 and 16, trying to streaming subtitle with no luck I checked in other post and found that this required to turn on DLNAExtra and the present subtitle resources option but with no success I use LG LX TV also Media Center of the windows 7 OS same issue on both devices My TV came with Nero Homemedia program which i can stream the subtitle with no problem can someone direct me to the right configuration?

Wither 1 February 03, I must say I’m impressed with your application, everything works great for me, except subtitles. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Nero MediaHome – Nero FAQ

Select the external drive that you want to copy your media library to. But this doesn’t happen very often. Start with no transcoding video conversion off. You’ll eubtitles to enable Javascript and cookies to participate.

As I understand it, you can’t stream this video at all from NMH or is it that you just can’t play the subtitles? Since this subtitlds been working in MC16, can anyone recommend what MC16 version one can downgrade to?