The jQuery plugins site devolopers have finaly told the real story, in a blog posting. All HPR contributors and listeners are welcome to call in via mumble and discuss their favorite HPR shows and topics of , or bring a topic that you think would help us to have a good show. Deep geek will be taking some time off from recording Talk Geek to Me, to upgrade some of his technology. He’s making good use of Ken’s presentation slides too, and those will play on a loop at the table. If you do then you can download the script that Code Cruncher made from http: Here is the Official Press Release: Last month I mentioned that klaatu has not posted a show that month. I want to add my voice in gratitude and congratulations to those who organized and participated in making this event a success.

I sensed that many of the speakers would have loved the extra exposure. Each Thursday we play Syndicated creative commons content from around the web. There will be a very limited number of t-shirts. They are the eleventh victim in this extortion scheme. Alesis Multimix 8 USB. Every listener is strongly encouraged to send us one contribution per year. All the shows are made by the community fellow listeners like you!.

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Secondly, are there any other French series that are worth watching? Did you manage to find websites or resources to aid you on your path?

You Know, For Kids! There has been a lot of activity on the mail list this month about changes to the scheduling rules and about the upload formats. In this introduction ewb using Linux and Linux applications to record a podcast, we focus on doing it on the cheap. I was wondering if you would please be so kind as to give it a listen. Time critical Where the host has requested a show to be posted at a particular picaas or that the show contains picaaa information.

Now, he’s a pariah, shunned by all, forbidden to touch another patient. Nido MediaWindigoand goibhniu.


My intent is to put together a vertical layout canvas that can easily be shipped and set up as a backdrop and utilize a series of those 20 by 30 photo posters available at Costco Photo. He’s making good use of Ken’s presentation slides too, and those will play ls a loop at the table. More resolved questions for learning French need your help 1 Elle boit vs. The developers asked for forgiveness and some help in developing a completely new plugins site.

We take a close look at Google Reader and the Instapaper service bele its several API’s and teach you some cool tricks to turn those saved articles into podcasts. Can we make a HPR site using standard WordPress plugins?

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Epicanis has been working on a upload form which can be found http: The two problems with how the current system works are. Recover files by carving them from a raw disk. Thanks to klaatu, Bradley M. In the news, commodity face recognition, data mining, pus data aggregation will do exactly what we expected and can, among other things, reveal your SSN. Recovery of an blle crypted home directory in a buntu based system.

As Nmap is not under the plain GPL but under an enhanced version that specifically prohibits aggregation into a proprietary executable installer.

Best swag for me – a Tux bumper sticker from Pogo Linux. That being said we are now accepting papers for this year. This will be our fifteenth year and we hope you will make plans to join us. Next up are building various receiver modules ADS-B, amateur satellites, etc and data processing of received signals.

We interviewed them back in hpr Today we’re going back in time, to a classic audio drama performance by the Mercury Theater and was originally aired in Aug 29, We’re hoping this will become a n ir regular show for HPR, but we’ll see how the first one goes. So are these also now syndicated? This is episode eight of a eight part Hacker Public Radio New Year’s Eve event and you can expect more of them all week long. Whenever a website offered up a certificate, the browser would check the supplied certificate against one of these public lists.


Nagios monitors hosts and services and yells if something breaks. Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3. It’s going to be held over at Linux Basix, using their Mumble server.

There will be wfb very limited number of t-shirts. Distro of the Week: Some bad news from the HeliOS project, http: A next-generation scanning tool that identifies applications and services even if they are not listening on the default port by creating a bogus communication and analyzing the responses. Kevin Granade and Deltaray. We reveal the hardware and software we use.

Hosts are free to add a “safe for work” warning or any other warning they wish to the shows. A dramatized science-fiction short story written and read by lostnbronx Get it now at http: There was a discussion on whither we should have wweb ban on swearing.

HPR Community News for December 2014

Should we draw the line between digital replication and physical replication as copyright infringement, although illegal, is not stealing.

Among the other voices you will hear are Pokey, Delwin, JNeuster, Deltaray, DoorToDoorGeek, and I thought it was especially cool when the world wrapped around and Ken Fallon came back in after having gone to bed the night before. A DNS debugger Dsniff: The call in lines US: When it happed the Air Force dismissed this intrusion as a nuisance that posed no real threat, it was however taken very seriously.

Time was then devoted to how artists could be compensated for their art and several examples were brought up of alternative means of generating revenue by cutting out the record labels and other middle men. Here is the final outcome of the discussions.