Bell’s mother plans for her to perform a Prism Live at a party at Dear Crown. Oh yeah, me too Karen. Yuuki no Fezaa ” Japanese: Naru, Ann, and Ito meet up with Kazuki, who says that the one to write the song was not him, but Kouji, who had given it to him when Kouji dropped out of Edel Rose. It is revealed that Kouji’s father was the man killed in the accident during which Ito’s father was driving. Naru is tasked with finding someone to be in charge of Prism Stone’s makeup corner. Next, its Ann’s turn to perform her My Song.

Kouji agrees to write her a song, but only on one condition – Naru mustn’t tell anyone that he was the one who wrote it. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The totally not Yatterman movie Yosshaman with Hiro in it got released, plus another Mion cameo at the left. Notify me of new comments via email. Hiro’s past as a poor kid with dancing in parks who got a grant from Edel Rose’s chairman is revealed. Rinne then skates into the sky and through the gate, successfully returning to the Prism World. She tells Ann that it was a payback from last time, Dreaming Session.

Wakana finally shows up with an old picture and calls Ann a hypocrite for breaking and not remembering her promise to her. Ann lends her a hand, and is offered a chance to work at Prism Stone, in charge of handle the shop’s sweets corner. So, June takes her place kive she’s a part of Rinne. Naru, Ann, and Ito learn of Rinne’s true identity as a messenger from the Prism World, as well as Chisato’s true identity as the Pair Friend, Momo, who is also the mysterious creature eating the sweets at Prism Episod.

The series revolves around a girl named Naru Ayase who becomes an idol.

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Ito finds out about the plan concerning Rinne after an impulsive outburst from Otoha, and tells Naru and Ann. Bell and her mother mend their relationship, because after the sleepover at Naru’s she realized there is more than one way to show love.


Otoha wishes to return to Edel Rose. Yuuki no Fezaa ” Japanese: Naru’s show soon gets interrupted midway by a mysterious girl who performs four consecutive Prism Jumps, causing Naru to be selected to become Prism Stone’s shop manager.

Consequently, Wakana can stay to perform in the Winter White Session. The Prism Stone girls learn that Bell, Wakana, and Otoha are preparing for the Dreaming Session, an upcoming Prism Show tournament, in which they decide to enter themselves.

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After learning that Prism lives are not meant for scoring, Ann wanted to win by performing 3 jumps in a row. So Kouji sings Naru’s song to make her feel better and it succeeded, Naru performs her prism jump and rhhythm successfully do 3 jumps like Bell. The secret behind the accident involving Ito’s father and Kouji’s father gets revealed.

Kazuki and Hiro decide to settle things through another dance competition.

Hiro says his “Goodbye” to Bell without her hearing it. Naru is tasked with finding someone to be in charge of Prism Stone’s makeup corner. Hiro mends his friendship with Kouji and Kazuki, and performs their Prism Show under the team name, ‘Over the Rainbow’. Ann meets the penguin-like Poppun, similar to Naru’s Lovelyn, and takes him home with her. We also learn the accident involving Ito’s father and another person who got killed, which is why her family can’t be together.

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Naru also meets Hiro Hayami, unbeknownst to her Hiro is the one who stole Kouji’s song and is using the song for his Prism Star debut. Kouji’s mother thanks Ito for bringing back Kouji’s smile. The Winter White Session has begun! Ito successfully pulls off three consecutive Prism Jumps. Naru becomes worried that she didn’t get June’s autograph, much to Ann and Ito’s dismay. She asks her parents to come see her last performance with prettj dear friends Bell and Otoha, but her father though he promised to come, is detained at work.


The girls learn of the meaning behind Ito’s nickname “Cross”. During the performance, June sees something which seems to frighten her.

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Believing that Rinne hates her and left her because her Prism Show sucked, Naru’s heart loses its radiance, and Lovelin vanishes. Naru, with no experience and little time, fails to remember the audition song’s choreography.

The crowd cheers for Naru not to give up and manages to restore all 7 Sparkles despite having a low score. Kazuki’s My Song debuts: Ann and Wakana decide to hold a Prism Show contest in which the loser must quit Prism Shows for good. After Ann’s performance, the mysterious girl from Naru’s audition arrives, introducing herself as Rinne, and Ann is hired at Prism Stone.

Note – This episode has recounted as the 8th episode of Pretty Rhythm: Email required Address never made public. Wakana’s father come to support her, wearing an unusual outfit. Wakana is so cute. Over the Rainbow Session” Transcription: Her mom is cute too.

Wakana successfully performs a Prism Live with the help of Ethni. Otoha writes the lyrics to her and Ito’s song, which give Ito some strength. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ann wears the design for her My Song debut, and her father, reminded of Ann’s first Prism Show, agrees to let her continue working at Prism Stone. Wakana successfully performs three consecutive Prism Jumps.

She tries to pull off seven jumps but fails. Notify me of new comments via email. Rinne hijacks Naru’s Prism Show again, but they perform four consecutive duo jumps.