At the very minimum you want the red buff warded. Vladimir and Katarina are probably both Tier 2, as well as Azir. There are always exceptions, of course! Annie stayed in the back when her cooldowns were down. There’s no getting around that afaik Opinions on udyr in TT? Facechecking is a surefire way to lose. What do you think?

ShadowSect October 20, Get cocky or go man-mode. I am amazed veigar isn’t mentioned here at all. SN Gaming vs Invictus Gaming 5h 46m. There’s no comebacks on Twisted Treeline. Otherwise I think he is really good. SK Telecom T1 vs Gen. There’s no reason to leave them standing.

When his numbers get normalized to a balanced level, he’ll still be extremely strong on TT. As someone who has gained a lot of knowledge on League from TL, I want to give back a bit. It’s even harder than pre-remake SR jungle. Twisted Treeline is a hard twisred Just picking 3 champs from the top tier isn’t enough to win.

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He’s alright as a jungler and can take a buff camp at level 2 with smite. And no, the roles are: Misfits vs exceL Esports 5 days. AD sion is just out. He will eat any lane alive. I’ve watched a bit of Slack0h’s stream but I can only gain so much from that. I can execute them at the Rift but I’m having some trouble getting wards at TT.

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G Esports 4 days. Vayne with cleanse is the majority of the damage output, Leona and Cho are there for their combined 5 CCs and true damage nuke.


Utilize your skills on champs only. You’re wasting your time and demoralizing yourself if twistedd aren’t winning teamfights consistently against ranged ADs, because ranged ADs are literally impossible to push against with all melee champs.

If you suck with Lee, don’t pick him I’ve won a fair number of games with that. His ult is great even if underfarmed, but the real power is his W, which turns anyone into a tank, especially against only 3 people. If you’re playing against a ranged AD and one or two support s champ, and you don’t massively dominate them early, just surrender. Will be a little while as threes meta evolves slow.

Season 2 for League of Legends is coming to a close, and with it comes end-of-season rewards.

Twisred, Nunu, Yorick can all fuck your world. Granted there are other picks but banning wise she never gets banned which is a win for me. General Discussion Battle for the Middle Kingdom: Be better than your opponent. Tankiness is secondary, sustained damage is tertiary, mana costs are trivial, and not much else is super important on the map, imo. Imrane Abdallah November 02, Since TT tends to lean towards the early zeason, champions that are naturally tanky are able to rush damage early while many champions that are not tanky are able to rush tankier items early because of very high base damage.

Cho’gath either pushes bot 1v1 and takes camps, or farms 1v2 and plays passively depending on if you have a jungler. I’m not good though, but that shit renektln fun.


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His aoe stun locks up opponents for your carry to rape them, and with blackfire torch i have yet to see an enemy ap champ and ad champs if i’m decntly fed to survive his burst.

I used to main Lissandra until I tried Zyra down there, and I will always choose Zyra over the frost queen unless she is needed as a counter pick. Is better as a support hero than a primary carry. Jungling when you aren’t prepared to jungle is a recipe to remain level 3 forever!

But just like in 5s, if you fuck up your gank it’s over, you lose. Gnar [Tier 1 Top] tree,ine Despite being a relatively new champion, Gnar’s definitely made his impact felt as his ranged kiting abilities are extremely potent against the majority of AD melees as twsted as they don’t get bush control, and his mega Gnar form provides an amazing source of CC during teamfights.

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Snake vs Rogue Warriors 2 days. Next Best Champs by Lane Jungle: I am amazed veigar isn’t mentioned here at all. Alistar – early ganks, late CC.