The movie starts with a slow pace, but once Ramesh enters the screen, the movie rockets forward. Though, at the last, Kodaivannan wins the match successfully with Sadagopan Ramesh’s coaching. He requests them to support their side to win the match and save the village as well. Subscribe To Our Channel: Half the job of director Yuvaraj is done by choosing to do a movie on cricket and casting a real-life cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh in the lead role. Anil-Madhuri deserved a better film! Harini’s father calls the whole village and announces the decision about his property and his daughter’s hand to the winner of the match.

Embed Detail Comments Autoplay. Still from the movie “Potta Potti”. Russian Paralympic hopeful Alexander Makarov, a year-old backstroke specialist, churns through 50 laps during his morning training session outside Moscow, preparing for Games he might have to watch from home. Also, she compliments the designer for her amazingly unique style. India won by 6 wickets. By AAP views. By fame School Of Style views. Harini, the heroine, could do with acting lessons, though.

Umar and Avataar Ganesh as his sidekick are memorable characters. Be it ramesn Gopi Amarnath, music composer Arul Dev or editor Raja Muhammad, everyone leave their presence and mark in the film. Running for just two hours, the film has everything one would ask for in a commercial entertainer.

He feels he was caught because of Harini and shouts at her. Sadagopan Ramesh disguises as a traditional astrologer to watch Mayilsami’s activities. Products Used – 1. Mickey J Meyer Youtube: By Rolling Frames Entertainment views. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coming to know that Ramesh Sadgoppan Ramesha cricketer, is in town, one of the competitors kidnaps him and forces him to be the coach. Ramesh is married to Aparna in They have a daughter and son.


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This is not like your typical hair oil, so I do not recommend you to use this on your scalp. Potta Potti is szdagopan Indian Tamil Sports-Comedy film written and directed by newcomer Yuvaraj Dhayalan, featuring cricketer Sadagoppan Ramesh in the starring role alongside several newcomers.

Meanwhile, Sadagopan Ramesh calls village people and explains how Umar has a deal with a corporate to demolish the mountains. Mayilsami, a cricket coach is on the way to the village. It is believed that taking part in this festival gives supernatural powers from the goddess Kamakhya. Ranesh movie is set in a village in Theni where the place is controlled by two-Kodaivannan R Sivam and his cousin Kollaivannan Umar.

By using this site, you agree moive the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has its thrills in the right place and all the characters are warm and human.

Cricket evokes passion and sentiments among Indians. Harini misguides Sadagopan Ramesh – Potta Potti Mayilsami, a cricket coach rames on the way to the village.

Good Vibes Cucumber Gel – Rs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He also finds out Umar involving in some greedy activities. Make sure to share this video! You can not play video if your browser is not HTML5 browser.

Apart from trucks, cars, machinery, office equipment, and generators, more than 4, metric pottw of lifesaving food was also taken. Subscribe To Our Channel: They fight to hold the hands of their uncle’s daughter Parijatham Harini.

The movie is a quick trip to a sleepy village in Theni, where rival cousins — the sinister Kolaivanan Umarand the soft Kodaivanan R.


Sadagoppan Ramesh

The World Food Programme says about 28 million US dollars of material was lost when its logistics base in Juba was looted following in July between government and opposition forces. Having said that, points definitely go to the dialogue-writer Yuvraaj and Raja Mohammad’s editing.

By Bollywood Crazies views. In this Indian namethe name Sadagoppan is a patronymicnot a family nameand the person should be referred to by the given nameRamesh. This video will show top products for your healthy skin which will soon be your skin secrets which will brings small changes to your healthy skin care routine.

Retrieved from ” https: Sivan — clash in a cricket match to win the hand of the heroine Ranjitham Harini. Humour comes naturally to him. By Tez News views. T Vema Reddy Producer: The village panchayat decides that both should play cricket and the winner would get Parijatham.

Harini comes to meet him and takes his autograph with his fingers in her hand. By Kalash Music views. By bharat kumar 96 views. Three cheers to Ramesh. Like us on Facebook – https: It’s packed with delicious little scenes, one liners and moments that will have you chuckling pretty much the moment you settle into your seat. By fame School Of Style views. Follow me on my social media: Who emerges the winner and who married Parijatham forms the climax.

By Kalash Music views.