It was also shown on the cable network Sanlih E-Television on Saturdays from He finds the real murderer, a girl who was kidnapped by the gang and was abused via unwanted use of drugs. D Now what do I think of this drama? Right now, I will do a quick recap of the first six episodes, and then perhaps a 2 episode recap thereafter. At least someone’s hard work paid off. Reading your recap making me appreciating the drama even more.

Mandarin Taiwanese [Note 1]. I really like him in both the scenes where he tried to convince Guang Xi at the start, and Mu Cheng in the middle. Guang Xi’s mother wants Guang Xi to get together with He Yi Qian, the daughter of the Director He, who can save the school which is in financial difficulties. However, they are accidentally locked in by the guard and during the night, Guang Xi gets to know more about Mu Cheng and his view of her changes. She didn’t want to tear Sheng De tang down because it was the first place that she and his father met, and to tear it down, “It’s akin to burying the only gift and the memories that your father gave me. In some ways, this drama really reflects reality. It’s because of this reason that she lied to you six years ago.

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Thanks for delighting the readers: She even smiled awkwardly when sinipsis told him, “Good luck. They took a photo and sent it to the kidnappers.

Mu Cheng is shocked to see that it’s the death report of Jia Da, someone whom they think will survive the final surgery to remove the tumour suddenly just died like that because of the last surgery. Guang Xi then makes a bet with his friends that he can get Mu Cheng to kiss him within 24 hours. I certainly do miss the couple and their child a lot.

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Then, we are told that the report for Mu Cheng’s check up is out — she’s pregnant, with Guang Xi’s child. So his friends will always find the hottest girls in school and bet whether he can get the hearts of those girls within a certain time frame. And indeed, I agree about the leads and the kid: I just thought that recaps will give lots of spoilers I will wait for you, wait till you return to my life.


I think they got together because when Chi Xin asked him to give her a rose next time, Tuo Ye agreed shyly, and the both of them laughed by the riverside.

Which stop do you want to go to? Tuo Ye asked, “And then? Look at that tear forming! On his wedding day with Yi Qian, he finds an SD card in his bracelet that had been with him for six years.

As for Ady An, Sinopsid thought her perf was quite okay!: Guang Xi smiled, put an arm around her waist, twirled her around and kissed her. Guang Xi smiled and came over to give her a kiss.

Cast – Autumn’s Concerto. Chen Wei Min Supporting Cast.

They laughed and continued hugging AWWW. I’m quite out of touched with tw dramas, mostly because I’ve been watching so many kdramas, aitumn I felt like I’ve not talked to a best friend in ages!

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Last time I couldn’t help but tell you lies, but if time could rewind, I will tell you the truth. He tells Director He and his mother that he likes Mu Cheng and he will never get together with Yi Qian, but he faints right outside the office.

A security guard comes to sinppsis and Mu Cheng’s stepdad tells on them.

He realises that Mu Cheng must be lying about the bet. Everything is just ridiculously fast and the show is pretty much filled with taiwan cliches [something that I will write on soon].


Tiffany Hsu Main Cast. Can memories of true love be truly lost forever? D All right, here’s the review and recap of the first 6 episodes!: They went to a motel and wanted to commit suicide, but the girl backed out in the end Don’t you have anything to say to Mu Cheng before you leave for America? The next day, Mu Cheng was really hyped up with preparing the feast.

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Thus he shuns Mu Cheng, goes back to siopsis playboy times, and basically just take every chance to break her heart. Mu Cheng gave a hmmph look and Guang Xi laughed and said, ” This conference is only a day.

You have no idea how much your comment made my day! Anyway I will be back in 3 days The unknowing Mu Cheng just continues to cry and asks Tuo Ye to just keep driving. He ordered only a one way ticket because he might be looking for jobs in firms that had been wanting him to work there for ages. Retrieved from ” https: He brings her to the ice rink, and tells her sinopais if one trusts the other enough to give her hands to him, it shows that you the other person will protect her forever.

Della Ding aufumn Wakin Chau. However, Guang Xi still sends Mu Cheng divorce papers, but their son forces them to reveal their true auttumn. I am an Indian and don’t know a word of Chinese but boy what chemistry the leads have and I love the tension between the two!! Log in No account?