Gyeongsangnam-do is divided into 8 cities and 10 counties, the names below are given in English, hangul, and hanja 3. During dinner preparations, Taeyeon and Chunhee pick pine needles, with Chunhee showing off his ballet moves and crying ability. The name Daehan, which means great Han literally, derives from Samhan, however, the name Joseon was still widely used by Koreans to refer to their country, though it was no longer the official name. Bangchon Village, South Jeolla. Highlights of dinner preparation include Jaesuk pretending to undergo castration, Hyori and Yejin chastisting the men whenever Wonhee’s protection is unavailable, and Wonhee carrying out a beef cutting ceremony. Highlights include the members attempting to introduce humor by spilling and falling into the water, with foul play along the way. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises a needle-threading task, finally resulting in Rain and Chunhee tasked with breakfast duty. At the same time, Chunhee endures the oppression of Yejin and Hyori as he picks flowers and recites poetry, while Daesung starts dinner at the house, under the supervision of Sooro and Jongshin.

Returning to the house, the Family decide to catch a chicken for dinner, with Jaesuk and Daesung exhibiting their characteristic cowardice, and relying on Yejin’s quick hands and precision technique for the capture. Upon arriving, the “Family” was “tasked” to experience the county’s specialty—paragliding—atop Mt. Meanwhile, Dumb and Dumber kindle the embers of a love-line between Jongkook and Yejin who busily prepare the fish stew and clean the bean sprouts: In the morning, Chunhee loses the trivia wake-up mission and selects Taeyeon to help him start a fire before waking everyone up to prepare stuffed pumpkins and rice cakes for the townspeople. The Family gathers at the airport and set off for the village. After dinner, the Family verbally duel to guess the members’ first impressions of each other, with teases aimed at Daesung’s appearance, Chunhee’s uselessness, and Jongshin’s sickness and talkativeness.

M, entertainments Starlight Academy during middle school and debuted as a member of Sseason. During the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee makes a surprise appearance and is mobbed by Sooro.

As the last game, the “Family” played ssireum in a local beach along Hwang River. Highlights include Hyori and Yejin playing foul as they sabotage Jongkook, who is blamed for being in a game slump. After eating, the Family compete in a jumping contest to hit their head against a vietsb lightbulb, with much teasing of Jongkook during a love-line with Yejin and Hyori.

To determine sleep order rankings, the Family conduct individual rap sessions after a demonstration performance from TOP, featuring Jaesuk teasing Jongkook about his small eyes and his scandals with Yejin, Hyori, and EunhyeJongkook thanking Hyori for capturing his heart with a “pure white steamed bun”, and Hyori scolding the Family men while touting her palindromic name. Gathering at the local village, the Family men eagerly welcome Taeyeon while the Family women are largely ignored.


The four of them go off to the market and buy ray fish to prepare. In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to jump over a rolling hula hoop.

Later, the Family, along with Hyuk, gather to play a game of quizzing each another with an array of embarrassing questions. The first sequence with Kim Dong-wan shows the Family spitting watermelon seeds on themselves, followed by Chunhee and Yejin enduring ramily scary night-time mission. Changeui, Chunhee, and Hyori gather mushrooms for the stew and Changeui and Hyori grow closer during cooking.

Yuri was the next Girls Generation member to become an S. During the water-based running race, Hyori’s team loses decisively to Yejin’s, leading to the introduction of the “Hyori Effect”.

This show is an orientation for the new members. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises a needle-threading task, finally resulting in Rain and Chunhee tasked with breakfast duty. Kwon caught zeason interest of Sean of the hip-hop duo Jinusean from YG Entertainment, after signing a contract with the record label, Kwon spent the first year cleaning the studio for the other artists in the record label and fetching them water bottles during dance practice.

After the game session, the rest of the Family continue with kimchi preparation while Jaesuk, Daesung, and Viehsub mischievously head off to town to seek out other necessary ingredients. Wonhee selects Jaesuk and Daesung to assist her with breakfast preparation, with the three catching a chicken from the local oting after much consternation.

After arriving at the house, the Family split into teams for fishing and soybean cooking duties. Nigbang and SillaCE.

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Later, the Family head to the beach to play a game where pairs squat and balance while greeting the new year. Returning to the village, Hyuk, Jaesuk, and Sooro procure potatoes and fresh bean curd for breakfast preparation, vietsjb Hyuk struggling to fry potato pancakes without a flame and oil, thus losing confidence along the way.

As bedtime approaches, Junjin, Daesung, and Hyori play with the cameras, singing and dancing to each other’s songs, while the other Family members perform the task of ivetsub fishing. During breakfast preparation, Chunhee directs Joon-gi around, to the latter’s dismay, but successfully cook a delicious menu of kimchi soup and roasted beef. Here the concept of “Dumb and Dumber” is introduced as the pairing encounters difficulty determining the appropriate amount of water for cooking ramyun. Okting were co-managed in the United States by Creative Artists Agency, the group began their entry into the American market in as an opening act for the Jonas Brothers World Tour, performing the English version of their hit single Nobody.


Carrying out the first assigned task, the Family catch fish in a nearby famoly before heading to a local water hold to perform acrobatic dives off a cliff. Eventually, Jaesuk, Jongshin, Hyori, and Daesung are chosen for the chores seasln they go back on the boat for some more fishing. Boseong, It is the seat of a county office, in addition, it is a major transportation point since and it is the distribution center of agricultural products.

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Later, Jaesuk and Sooro secretively season the bean curd soup with ramyun seasoon while Hyuk is distracted. Dinner preparations include Hyori, Jongkook, and Sung-hoon going off to get vegetables and while at it, the two strong men play a series of games where the loser receives punishment. After one year of Family Outingtwo of the members are leaving the show.

After fishing, the Family form two teams to play a game of chicken fight in the waist-level waters.

The “Family” then accomplishes the tasks left for them by the owners of the house. A number of artists, political leaders and scholars have come from the province, according to the census ofof the people of North Gyeongsang Chunhee happily accompanies Dambi to pick vegetables on the local hillside before procuring a horse carriage ride through town for Dambi and the other Family members on hand.

Returning to the house, the Family catch a duck for dinner and split into teams for dinner preparation.

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Gasong Village, North Gyeongsang. Visiting Gangwon-do brought back memories of the first trip of the “Family”.

The Family gather at a local village and play around in a lotus pond, competing in a team boat race. The band then promoted the single on various famliy programmes in Korea, Triple has also performed in F. By early afternoon, the trio of cooks finally complete their loach stew, featuring a wide assortment of random ingredients.

The Family visits an elementary school where they compete with the students in academic quizzes and viietsub athletics.